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The red outer HDPE mantle houses a pressure vessel which is manufactured out of HDPE. The valve is supplied in nickle plated brass. Hose clips, squeeze for action handle and carrying handle are supplied in stainless steel. Due to these material and construction choices replacement of the extinguisher caused by corrosion, scratches and dents belong to the past. Resulting into lower lifetime costs. In addition the extinguisher will remain in good condition, offering greater reliability for the user when being deployed in firefighting tasks. These extinguishers are 100% recyclable, reducing waste output at the end of its service life.

Dräger ABC composite powder extinguisher

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  • Under the red plastic HDPE outer jacket is the pressure container made of HPDE with Kevlar. An advantage of this HPDE pressure container is that no additional coating layer is required on the inside, as is the case with metal extinguishers. This reduces costs. The valve is made of nickel-plated brass. Carrying handle, squeeze lever and hose clips are made of stainless steel.

      Replacements due to rust, deep scratches and dents are a thing of the past. This reduces costs because premature replacement is avoided. The extinguisher remains in good condition and therefore has increased reliability for the user during fire fighting. At the end of its life, the extinguisher can be recycled.

    ABC powder is suitable for fire fighting of fire class A (carbon-based), fire class B (flammable liquids) and fire class C (flammable gases). The extinguishing powder is non-conductive and can be used in the presence of electricity up to a maximum of 1,000 Volts at a distance of at least 1 meter and blocks the oxygen from the seat of the fire, preventing re-ignition.

    • 10 year manufacturer's warranty
    • durable and corrosion resistant
    • reliable and super strong composite material
    • 100% UV resistant
    • ± 15% lighter than metal extinguishers
    • cost-reducing
    • better insight into (on)cost control
    • Manufacturer / Model - Britannia / P50-9P
    • Extinguisher - Portable powder fire extinguisher
    • Type - Constant pressure
    • Capacity -  6 or 9 kg
    • Fire class / Rating - 6  43A/233B
    • Propellant gas - Nitrogen
    • Discharge time - 20 seconds 
    • Throw length - 5 meters 
    • Working pressure  -12 bar 
    • Suitable for electrical equipment - Up to 1000 Volt 
    • Extinguishing agent - ABC powder 
    • Temperature range - -20°C to +60°C 
    • Approx gross weight 8.5 kgs 
    • Approx dispatch weight 9 kgs 
    • Approx unit dimension 178 x 570 mm (d x h) 
    • Color Red (RAL3000) 
    • Approvals EN3, MED, CE, Rijkskeurmerk 2211
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