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Yacht Management Services 


Our Services

Yacht management services are ideal for yacht owners who do not have the time or expertise to manage and maintain their vessels themselves. One Stop Yachting takes care of everything. It goes without saying that our Yacht management services are adapted to the specific needs of you as a yacht owner.

Regular maintenance

Maintenance of a yacht requires only the best: One Stop Yachting ensures that your yacht looks like new again. Washing, cleaning, repairing, almost anything you can think of will be doneby us catered. One Stop Yachting works exclusively with Nautic Customs. They are certified and work with the best quality equipment so that your yacht can be maintained in top condition.

Be sure to inquire about our Maintenance Service Plan. Based on your itinerary, we proactively maintain your vessel to ensure you have an uninterrupted cruising experience. With this service, One Stop Yachting helps you save time and work, and allows you to enjoy your yacht to the fullest.


Engineering and repairs

Since the engine room is the heart of the yacht, we make sure everything is in perfect condition. One Stop Yachting works with the best suppliers and technicians to properly maintain your technical and engine room. One Stop Yachting supports, advises and supplies everything you need to keep your yacht running. From replacing a light bulb to installing and maintaining engines and other equipment.

Pricing for these services is based on an hourly rate or a fixed monthly/annual rate based on the size and type of yacht.

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